Most of us can remember technological changes that redefined life as we knew it.

How often have we thought, “I wish I’d had some money in that when it started?”

Technology and altered regulatory frameworks are now on the cusp of changing the way we deal with money forever, as fundamentally as the email changed sending a letter.

For you as an investor Novatti offers relatively early exposure to the mega trends of the explosion of fin tecs, the disruption of the traditional banking sector and the growth in Chinese payments out of Australia. All this in a debt free company with a very strong balance sheet, strong payments experience and a host of financial licences including its own Australian Financial Services  licence. 

Novatti’s continued success is underpinned by its proven ability to quickly produce, adapt and distribute innovative financial solutions . Being a provider of white label financial technology to a wide range of global partners naturally gives us the security of numerous diverse income streams many of which are reoccurring.

A prime example is our leadership in the China/Australian commerce space with the recent launch of China Payments in April.